Leading a Surgical Team Through Crisis

Heart surgery programs have their ups and downs. An “up” is the indescribable thrill when cases are coming out of the OR with no complications, require no blood products for bleeding and get out of the hospital quickly. A “down” is the times that patients get into complications. Even top performing programs have a rate […]

Transform the Culture to Save More

Medicare has initiated a new program for paying for coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) at our hospital. In the past, hospitals and physicians have been reimbursed for various aspects of surgical care a la carte. The cost of hospitalization to perform cardiac surgery has been part of a global payment called a DRG, but the […]

Modern Cardiac Surgical Hero

A report in 1999 by the Institute of Medicine indicated that there are around 100,000 preventable deaths in hospitals every year. This statistic has now become common knowledge, but few really grasp its magnitude. A jumbo jet crash killing all 500 people on-board every other day in US airports would still fall short of the […]

The Problem with HealthGrades

Compared to the paternalistic era of Marcus Welbey, the public has become increasingly savvy about their health and is now hungry to better understand the value of therapies they receive, particularly for high impact services like heart surgery. This new era has revealed to the public that not every hospital delivers heart surgery at the […]